Android is a decidedly freer system than iOS, for this reason, many things can be done on this system that in some cases could even be considered to the limit of legality. Not many people know this but there are also many apps that allow you to make the device both a good spy camera and a comfortable baby monitor. [ Best Secret Video Recorder Apps ]

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In this article, we will see The Best Apps for Secret Video Recording with Android. We will be able to spy with our smartphone by recording videos, photos, and sounds, with discretion without alarming those around us.
However, remember that, based on the use made of them, these apps could violate the privacy of other people.

How to sneak videos on Android

Quick Video Recorder

This is a great app, which has tons of useful options for those who want to record videos without getting caught.

Best Secret Video Recorder Apps

Among the many options available, the most important are: the possibility of shooting without emitting any sound; allows you to record videos without giving any signal (even turning off the screen); provides a convenient timer to allow you to record automatically by setting the start time and end time for recording; gives the possibility to keep the flash always on or always off and to receive a fake notification at the beginning and end of a recording.

In short, the app is really complete and offers an impressive number of options. Among the most popular there is also the possibility to put a practical shortcut or a widget on our home, which can be used to start recording quickly when necessary. Thanks to all these options you can make your recordings in secret. “Best Secret Video Recorder Apps”

Quick Video Recorder is free and is also available in worldwide.

You can download it directly from the Android Play Store.

Alfred Security Camera

Do you have an old Android smartphone or tablet that you no longer use? Hide it in your home or office and you can use it as a convenient security IP cam or as a baby monitor. By installing the Alfred Security Camera app on both devices it will be very easy to connect them and see what happens in real-time.

Best Secret Video Recorder Apps for Android 2020 1 Alfred Security Camera

The software offers many capabilities typical of the most common IP cam, such as motion detection activation, night vision, etc. [ Best Secret Video Recorder Apps ]

The app has only one flaw, it requires the phone acting as a camera to be charging while running.

If you don’t have a nearby outlet, you can easily remedy the problem by connecting your smartphone to a power bank.

If you want to try this convenient solution, you can download it for free with in app purchases from the Play Store.

Spy Camera OS (SC-OS)

Another really interesting application and it is free and open-source, unfortunately, t is not possible to download it directly from the Play Store, but you need to download the apk and install it. Never mind the installation procedure is very simple:

  • go to the project site, and press the ” Download lastest APK ” button;
  • download the updated app;
  • press on the downloaded apk and then at the bottom on the ” Install ” button (if you have never installed any apk from Chrome the system will ask you for permission, grant it);
  • finally, you can click on “Finish”.
Best Secret Video Recorder Apps for Android 2020 2 Spy Camera OS

At the end of the installation, you can launch Spy Camera OS (also called SC-OS) like any other app. At the first start, you will be asked for permission, grant them, they are all necessary for the correct functioning of the application. [ Best Secret Video Recorder Apps ]

Spy Camera OS is fantastic, it is superimposed on our apps, thus allowing us to take photos and videos with the smartphone without being noticed.

The interface is completely in easy to use and is very clear, even if it is not beautiful to see.

Once started, at the bottom of the screen the app shows the lens in a small rectangle and there are keys to taking a single photo, for continuous shooting, to activate the shutter when a face is detected, 0r to activate video shooting.

You can also activate the convenient black screen mode that allows you to pretend that the smartphone is in standby and take pictures using the volume keys.

In the settings you can choose which camera to use (whether the one on the front of the one on the back), whether or not to activate the autofocus, and much more. In the future, with the next versions, the detection of movements should also arrive.

Background Video Recorder

It is a great app that is very convenient for those who want to secretly record videos because it offers many options suitable for this purpose.

Best Secret Video Recorder Apps for Android 2020 3 Background Video Recorder

Among these we find the possibility to record without emitting sounds, to continue recording even when the screen is off, to create a convenient shortcut on the home, offers night mode, and allows you to program the times when recording will start and end. [ Best Secret Video Recorder Apps ]

Besides these convenient options, It allows a basic editing of the videos taken.

Background Video Recorder is a very good solution and is available for free with in app purchases from the Play Store.

Silent Secret Camera HD

If instead of videos you want to take photos secretly with your smartphone and, then this is the app for you.

Best Secret Video Recorder Apps for Android 2020 4 Silent Secret Camera HD

It allows you to take pictures in high quality, and also in sequence without alarming the subject. Obviously, you will always have to frame the subject to be immortalized, but thanks to the many options available it will be easier to do it going unnoticed.

The app is very popular and is available for free on the Android Play Store .

Our in-depth study on how to secretly record videos is concluded, we hope that you will use these apps and recorded videos only for purposes that respect the law and privacy. [ Best Secret Video Recorder Apps ]


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