This is very important that you make sure that your home Wifi network connection is still secure. There are a few simple and easy steps you can take to make your wifi safe and secure. Your home can have a Wi-Fi router to give all family members Internet access. When people fall, they ask for a password so they can see anything on their smartphone or display holiday photos stored in the cloud. Long ago, most people knew your WiFi password and could connect to your router, as people passed by your home. In an apartment building, your router signal is still distributed to neighboring houses.

Easy Way to Secure Your Wifi Network Connection From Thieves 2020 | Vicky Techy

Unlike physical networks, WiFi systems can extend beyond the walls of your home. Once in the world of access passwords, it is very difficult to control who can access your home network. Therefore, you should consider applying some changes and a system that will protect you from intruders, detectives, and carpets online.

You have two major security issues. First, you need to control who can actually add to your network. The second problem is signal recognition. If people outside your home can pick up signals from your router, they can capture data and recover all your passwords.

Here You Follow Some Important Guide To Improve Wifi Connection Network :

1. Open The Router Settings Page

Go to your web browser and type in “” to access it. From there, enter your username and password in the appropriate boxes and press enter. You can find your username and password in your router username. Some routers also have a manual available on Google.

2. Create a Different Unique Strong Password

Create a new, unique, personal password for your router that no one can imagine. Do not save your wifi password or password. Also, don’t forget to change your password every few months.

3. Change Wifi Network SSID Name

Changing your WIFI NETWORK SSID name will help as it will help others to know that it is not a default network and that it may be secure. Do not store your family names, phone numbers, or home addresses as your SSID names.

4. Wifi Network Encryption

This is an important task. There is a lot of difficulty of crucifixion out there. For newer routers, WPA2 is the most safe and secure, WEP is the Least safest one. So choose your encryption correctly.

5. Sort PC Addresses Mac

A Mac address is a built-in communication device for your app. Same as IP address, except that it cannot be changed. For added protection, you can add Mac addresses for all devices to your wifi network. To do that, find the Mac addresses of your devices. On a PC, use the command prompt and type “ipconfig / all”. You will see your Mac address against the name ‘Creative Address’. On your phone, you’ll find your Mac address under Connection settings. Just add these Mac addresses to your wifi Network management settings. Now only these devices will be able to access your wifi.

6. Lower your Wifi Network Range

An easy way to do that is to put a router under the bed in a shoebox or wrap a piece of string around its wires. Similarly, you can also convert your wifi mode to 802.11g instead of other modes.

7. Upgrading your Wifi Software

This is also important with new updates, and you get new security updates for your router. Check your current firmware version by visiting “” and checking it in the administration or dashboard setting.

8. Use VPNs to access your network

A virtual private network, or VPN, is a group of computers or networks that work collaboratively over the Internet. People can use VPNs, such as Norton Secure VPNs as a way to secure and hide their connections. When you connect to a VPN, a VPN client is introduced to your computer. When you sign in with your credentials your computer buttons are exchanged with another server. Once both computers have verified the other ones, all your Internet connections are encrypted and protected from external threats. Above all, check which devices are connected to your home Wifi network and make sure they have security software like Norton Security installed against viruses and spyware.



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